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Anxiety Cures,Natural Anxiety Relief,Social Anxiety Relief

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Frequently Asked Question!

Anxiety Cures,Natural Anxiety Relief,Social Anxiety Relief

A: Yes, however it is advisable to put a gap of approximately one hour between our products and other products that you might already be taking. After using our products for a while, you may find that you need less of the medicines that you’re currently taking.

 Not at all. My Worst Fears’ formulas were not developed to mask symptoms but to assist in bringing the body back to a state of health. Thus, once the desired result has been achieved, the formulas may then be taken on a “as-needed” basis. 

No, there is no scent whatsoever in our formulas because they are vibrational in nature, and as such do not contain any of the physical proprieties of the actual gemstones flowers themselves, including scent or color.

Yes. It’s best not to place your remedy in close proximity to magnets, heat, light, moisture, electrical wires, computers, tablets, Wi-Fi, TVs, cellphones, microwave ovens, or anything with a strong electromagnetic field. If possible, do not allow our products to be X-Rayed at airports. Also, it is best to avoid taking steroids or opiates while using our products, as they have a tendency to overpower and antidote them.

 “Flower essences were first prepared in England in the 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach. Bach was a visionary healer who recognized the soul-spiritual dimensions of healing, decades before this awareness gained public acceptance. Bach was trained in conventional medicine, but knew that the physical symptoms he treated were intimately related to the emotional and mental conditions of his patients. He sought a natural, non-toxic method of addressing inner levels of human experience. Although widely recognized as an outstanding bacteriologist and homeopathic medical doctor, Bach left his practice to develop a new healing modality derived from the fresh blossoms of plants.”  – Source:

Flower essences do not work according to the “Law of Similars,” which is the main operating principle of homeopathy. With homeopathy, substances are chosen to produce symptoms that match the condition of the client. On the other hand, flower essences work by introducing positive archetypes that stimulate conscious choices and self-awareness within the mental and emotional realms.