911 Fast Social Anxiety Relief

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911 was specifically formulated to relieve debilitating social anxiety. This designer remedy is a proprietary blend of therapeutic-grade gemstones and Bach Flower essences (energy profiles), embedded in natural, pure cane sugar pellets. In order to maximize the efficacy of this product, we employ the following advanced technologies throughout the entire production process: Scalar Wave, Orgonite, and Tachyon.

911 Benefits:

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • safe and effective
  • contains no drugs
  • inexpensive
  • non-habit forming
  • no harmful side effects
  • convenient / small / lightweight vial

911 Designed to:

  • helps relieve social anxiety
  • helps dispel paranoia
  • helps relieve fear, worry, nervousness
  • helps overcome panic attacks
  • helps stop negative, reoccurring thoughts
  • helps lessen self-consciousness

911 Contents:

  • therapeutic-grade gemstones and Bach Flower essences
  • approx. 180 cane sugar pellets
  • 60 doses / 3 pellets per dose
  • approx. one month’s supply
  • pellets made in FDA registered facility

Our Advanced 911 Formula

911 is a 100% safe, non-habit forming, natural formula that quickly and effectively relieves debilitating social anxiety, fear, self-consciousness, nervousness, paranoia, panicky feelings, etc.The synergistic effects of select therapeutic-grade gemstones and Bach Flower essences (energy profiles) provides deep, lasting, and in many cases, permanent relief from social anxiety.After taking 911, people often report feeling more confident and relaxed around others, more sociable, open, direct, and honest with themselves and others. Many say that they now feel “fearless” in social settings that were previously terrifying  to them.
As with all of our products, 911 comes with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, less shipping. No questions asked.

When to Expect Results:

Most people begin seeing results within 30 minutes of taking 911, as per instructions. They report feeling more sure of themselves in and less anxious in social settings. Of course, some people will start noticing results only after several days have passed.There are many variables that can negatively affect the results one gets from 911, such as a person’s overall health; food and/or beverage allergies that may be causing untold stress to the body; the person’s mental state; high cellphone usage (exposing the body to harmful microwave radiation), pharmaceutical drugs, neurotransmitter imbalances, etc.Click here to learn more about the important role that neurotransmitters have on one’s mental and emotional health.

Since 911 is not a drug, it doesn’t act like a drug, meaning, it often doesn’t have an immediate, gross effect, as most drugs do. Instead, it works by gently restoring balance to a person’s subtle, bio-energy field, starting at a sub-cellular, energetic  level. Discordant cells vibrate at discordant frequencies, unlike normal, healthy cells. 911 has the ability to impart a harmonizing frequency to these discordant cells, and as such, is able to bring the cells and body into a homeostatic state

You no longer need to feel victimized by Social Anxiety!”

Get 911 today and free yourself from debilitating social anxiety!

Long Term Benefits:

  • Most people who’ve tried 911 for one month or less, say that their social anxiety was greatly reduced.
  • They also report that the positive effects of 911 don’t go away after they’ve stopped taking the product. Instead, the effects appear  to be permanently anchored in the person’s being, changing them forever.
  • My Worst Fears’ goal was never to force people to buy bottle after bottle of 911 until one day in the distant future they’d find themselves cured of social anxiety. Rather, it was to produce such an effective formula that after just one bottle of 911, their social anxiety is greatly reduced or nearly eliminated.

How 911 Relates to the Body:

  • it can be taken in conjunction with vitamins, herbs, medicines, etc.
  • it does not force the body to react
  • it allows the body’s own intelligence to use the formula according to its needs
  • 911 does not force a reaction in the body, like drugs or food supplements do.Instead, each ingredient in 911 contains a specific therapeutic (healing) frequency or energy signature. When a person takes the product, all they’re doing is introducing these frequencies into their system. If their body needs the support of a particular frequency, it will use it, if not, it will ignore it.

Using the Product:

  • use at least 15-20 minutes before or after ingesting anything other than water
  • for maximum absorption, rinse the mouth with water prior to dosing
  • before taking 911, please  make sure you “succuss” or shake the bottle up against the palm of your hand 8 to 10 times,
    EACH TIME YOU USE 911 (vibrational essences are about consistency not about quantity)
  • place 3 pellets under the tongue (until thoroughly dissolved), 2 times daily (place pellets into cap and then transfer to your mouth
  • take one dose before activities that cause anxiety or stress
  • in acute (severe or urgent) cases, take 3 pellets every 15 minutes for an additional 4 doses (besides the normal 2 doses a day)
  • for chronic symptoms use one dose (3 pellets) two or three times daily


Store 911 in a cool, dark place away from heat, light, moisture, electrical wires, computers, tablets, Wi-Fi, TVs, cellphones, microwave ovens, or anything with a strong electromagnetic field. If possible, do not allow 911 to be X-rayed at airports.

Dosing Schedule: (1 dose = 3 pellets):

  • 1st dose: upon rising in the morning
  • 2nd dose: mid-afternoonThe above daily regimen is only a recommendation. You do not have to follow this to experience results. However, the best schedule is the one that works best for you!

911 Ingredients and their Purposes 100% Natural, Therapeutic-Grade Gemstones and Bach Flower Essences (energy profiles) :

Active Ingredients | Purposes
Sugilite: helps improve one’s health and overall well-being; offers strong protection against dark and unhealthy energies; helps ground a person
Mangano Calcite: helps one stop over-analyzing and simply accept things as they are; helps promote positive self-worth, confidence, forgiveness, compassion, acceptance, and understanding; helps to alleviate stress and anxiety; helps transfer one’s focus away from the past, and onto the present
Red Tiger’s Eye: helps rid oneself of self-doubt, fear, and self-loathing; helps keep everything in perspective; helps balance toxic emotions; instills self-confidence
Lapis Lazuli: fosters self-honesty and self-esteem; enables the mind and spirit to see and accept different perspectives; tempers the emotions; guides one to understand situations from a more objective point of view; helps eliminate confusion and emotional blockages; helps one become calmer and more understanding of others, thus enabling them to communicate in a way that is less confrontational, and more authentic
Blue Lace Agate: helps relieve self-doubt, fear of public speaking and confrontation; helps bring about a relaxed peaceful state of mind; promotes insightful, authentic, and articulate dialogue; helps melt away stress and anxiety; helps one embark on positive new beginnings; establishes a feeling of quiet resolve, inner-peace, and confidence; helps eliminate both the fear of rejection and failure;  helps one accept exciting experiences into one’s life in a calm, rational, and healthy way; helps when feeling stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed; helps reprogram one’s negative thoughts and reactions
Lithium Quartz: helps bring about emotional peace and balance, stress release, and relaxation; calming, soothing, and helps alleviate emotional trauma; helps purify the mind of mental chatter; helps bring about a sense of tranquil clarity; helps one overcome depression and the lingering pain of a breakup or heartbreak; fosters self-love and inner peace
Rose Quartz: helps overcome feelings of self-hatred by fostering self-acceptance; helps one overcome emotional heartbreaks
Carnelian: helps remove the fear of death; helps to ground, stabilize, and anchor one into reality; fosters courage; helps restore one’s vitality and motivation; promotes positive life choices; dispels apathy; fosters self-trust and encourages boldness, initiative, assertiveness, and affability; encourages fearless social engagement
Mother of Pearl: helps one become more balanced and harmonious; helps relax people with sharp tempers and those who are prone to fear; helps one better express their feelings; helps calm down the mind; helps safeguard one from negative influences and harmful frequencies that enter the aura, such as the frequencies of other people’s negative thoughts and emotions, as well as the harmful emissions of televisions, radios, and microwave transmitters
Charoite: helps one overcome fear, especially during times of change; helps release deep seated and irrational fears by viewing them rationally; helps one relax; eases compulsions and obsessions; helps one overcome the feeling of alienation from society, and its accompanying loneliness, sadness, and anxiety; helps one release deeply internalized negativity; helps one discern the difference between the truth and what the mind and insecurities have created

Bach Flowers:
Crab Apple: self-consciousness, self-hate, self-harm, tendency to feel unclean, OCD
Cherry Plum: fear that one is going to lose control of oneself, possibly self-harm; irrational, suicidal, on the edge
White Chestnut: unwanted repetitive thoughts and mental arguments, mental torture
Aspen: fear whose cause cannot be named
Water Violet: for those who are aloof, proud, lonely, anti-social, disdainful, condescending, self-reliant, private
Inactive Ingredients: 100% natural cane sugar; no fillers or other ingredients added.

How 911 relates to the body:

  • it can be taken in conjunction with vitamins, herbs, medicines, etc.
  • it does not force the body to react
  • it allows the body’s own intelligence to use the formula according to its needs
  • 911 does not force a reaction in the body, like drugs or food supplements do. Instead, each ingredient in 911 contains a specific therapeutic frequency (energy profile). When you take the product, all you are doing is introducing these frequencies into your system. If your body needs the support of a particular frequency, it will use it, if not, it will ignore it.

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