Dental Calm


  • 100% natural ingredients
  • safe and effective
  • contains no drugs
  • relatively inexpensive
  • non-habit forming
  • no harmful side effects
  • convenient / small / lightweight vial
DentalCalm™ Description:

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • safe and effective
  • contains no drugs
  • relatively inexpensive
  • non-habit forming
  • no harmful side effects
  • convenient / small / lightweight vial

DentalCalm™ is Designed to:

  • help patients overcome anxiety and fear of dentists
  • help dispel paranoia and embarrassment
  • help relieve worry and nervousness
  • help one overcome panic attacks
  • help stop negative, reoccurring thoughts
  • help lessen self-consciousness
  • helps patient recovery more quickly

DentalCalm™ Contains: 

  • therapeutic-grade gemstones and flower vibrational essences
    (does not contain any physical gemstone or flower particles, nor does it have any taste or scent)
  • approx. 90 cane sugar pellets /30 doses / 3 pellets per dose
  • sugar cane pellets made in FDA registered facility

An Advanced Formula:

DentalCalm™ is a 100% safe, non-habit forming, natural formula that quickly and effectively relieves debilitating anxiety, fear, self-consciousness, nervousness, paranoia, panicky feelings, etc. associated with dentist visits, routine dental work, extractions, and oral surgery.

The synergistic effects of select therapeutic-grade gemstones and flower vibrational essences (energy profiles) provides deep, lasting, and in many cases, permanent relief from dental anxiety and fear.

After taking DentalCalm™, people often report feeling more confident and relaxed about seeing their dentist.

As with all of our products, DentalCalm™ comes with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, less shipping. No questions asked. Try it risk free for 30 days!

When to Expect Results:

Most people begin feeling results within 30 minutes of taking DentalCalm™, as per instructions.

They report feeling more relaxed, calmer, less fearful, and generally more secure before and during their dental visit.

Of course, there are many variables that can negatively affect the results one gets from DentalCalm™, such as one’s overall health; food and/or beverage allergies that may be causing untold stress to the body; their mental state; high cellphone usage (exposing the body to harmful microwave radiation), pharmaceutical drugs, neurotransmitter imbalances, etc.

Since DentalCalm™ is not a drug, it doesn’t act like a drug, meaning, it often doesn’t have an immediate, intense, overpowering effect, as most drugs do.

Instead, it works by gently restoring balance to a person’s subtle, bio-energy field, starting at a sub-cellular, energetic level.

Discordant cells vibrate at discordant frequencies, unlike normal, healthy cells.

DentalCalm™ has the ability to impart a harmonizing frequency to these discordant cells, and as such, is able to bring the cells and the body into a homeostatic (balanced), harmonic state.

                                           “Your patients no longer need to feel victimized by dental fear and anxiety!”                                

Long Term Benefits of DentalCalm™: 

  • Effectively addresses the discomfort that accompanies virtually all dental procedures, and helps hasten a patient’s recovery time.
  • Most people who’ve tried DentalCalm™ say that their fear of dentists is reduced, or greatly reduced.

DentalCalm™ can be taken in conjunction with vitamins, herbs, medicines, etc. It is advisable to take DentalCalm™ one hour before or after taking any herbal formulas, or prescription drugs.

DentalCalm™ does not force a reaction in the body, like drugs or food supplements do. Instead, it allows the body’s own intelligence to use the formula according to its needs.

Each ingredient in DentalCalm™ contains a specific therapeutic (healing) frequency or energy signature. If their body needs the support of a particular frequency, it will use it. If not, it will ignore it. When a person takes DentalCalm™, all they’re really doing is introducing these healing frequencies into their system.

Since there are no physical gemstone or flower particles in our formulas, there is no taste or scent, whatsoever.

Using the Product:

  • take at least 15-20 minutes before or after ingesting anything other than water
  • for maximum absorption, rinse the mouth with water prior to dosing
  • before taking DentalCalm™, please make sure to “succuss” or shake the bottle up against the palm of your hand 8 to 10 times, EACH TIME YOU USE DentalCalm™ (vibrational essences are more about consistency, not about quantity)
  • Pour pellets into the bottle cap, then transfer to your mouth (place under the tongue until thoroughly dissolved).

Dosing Schedule: (1 dose = 3 pellets):

  • 1st dose: take 3-4 pellets the night before your dentist appointment
  • 2nd dose: take 3-4 pellets 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment
  • 3rd dose: take 3-4 pellets immediately after your dentist visit
  • Thereafter, take 3 pellets 3 X daily with less frequency as improvement is made
  • Discontinue use when symptoms disappear

Store DentalCalm™ in a cool, dark place away from heat, light, moisture, electrical wires, computers, tablets, Wi-Fi, TVs, cellphones, microwave ovens, or anything with a strong electromagnetic field or strong scent.

If possible, do not allow DentalCalm™ to be X-rayed at airports.

DentalCalm™ Ingredients and Their Purposes:

Active Ingredients | Purposes

Therapuetic Gemstone Essences:
: used for tooth pain; helps remove tooth infections; helps release fear, calms the nerves, and brings mental clarity
Malachite: acts as a natural anti-inflammatory; helps relieve pain, balance one’s energy, and restores one’s equilibrium
Florite (not “Fluoride“): assists in healing and draws out infections
Black Tourmaline: soothes panic attacks; helps control fears of doctors or dentists; relieves numbness; lessens scar tissue; diminishes fear and paranoia; offers relief from physical pain; helps reduce swelling; helps release both emotional and physical tensions and stress that may have developed along with the pain

Amethyst: helps relieve pain; helps with cell regeneration; relieves stress; facilitates healing; help reduce swelling
Chrysocolla: helps balance out the emotions and comforts a person; helps alleviate fear and nervous tension
Turquoise: aids in post-operative recovery
AventurineBlue ChalcedonyClear Quartz, and Moss Agate (together): helps reduce pain, inflammation, discomfort, and swelling
Rose Quartz: helps soothe the pain from cuts, scrapes, and bruises that might occur during routine dental procedures, such as teeth cleaning
Carnelian: helps with tissue regeneration; helps remove the fear of death (during dental surgery)
Shungite: soothes anxiety and speed up the body’s detoxification process
Red Tiger’s Eye: helps rid oneself of self-doubt, fear, and self-loathing; helps keep everything in perspective; helps balance toxic emotions; instills self-confidence
Blue Lace Agate: helps relieve self-doubt, helps bring about a relaxed peaceful state of mind; helps melt away stress and anxiety; helps when one is feeling stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed
Sapphire: helps alleviate pain
Green Aventurine: helps alleviate pain; helps strengthen connective tissue; enhances relaxation, regeneration, and recovery
Lithium Quartz: helps bring about emotional peace and balance, stress release, and relaxation; calming, soothing; helps alleviate emotional trauma; helps purify the  mind of mental chatter; helps bring about a sense of tranquil clarity; helps one overcome depression
Charoite: helps one overcome fear and relax; helps release deep seated and irrational fears by viewing them rationally
Coral: hastens post-operative healing
Obsidian: helps reduce pain and muscle cramps
Citrine: helps with tissue regeneration

Impatiens: helps lower anxiety and stress
Star of Bethlehem: helps in instances of trauma and shock
Rock Rose: helps one overcome panic and terror
Crab Apple: helps patients who are self-consciousness
Cherry Plum: helps patients who fear they’ll lose control of themselves during a dentist visit
White Chestnut: helps prevent or stop unwanted, repetitive thoughts and mental arguments

Inactive Ingredients: 100% natural cane sugar; no fillers or other ingredients added.

How DentalCalm™ Relates to the Body:

  • it can be taken in conjunction with vitamins, herbs, medicines, etc.
  • it does not force the body to react
  • it allows the body’s own intelligence to use the formula according to its needs

DentalCalm™  does not force a reaction in the body, like drugs or food supplements do. Instead, each ingredient in this product contains a specific therapeutic frequency (energy profile). When you take the product, all you’re doing is introducing these frequencies into your system. If your body needs the support of a particular frequency, it will use it, if not, it will ignore it.

* According to the article posted here: 
The information provided by this website and this company is educational and not a substitute for a consultation with a health care provider. It should not be construed as individual medical advice. The statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to cure, diagnose, or prevent any disease. Please contact your physician or health care provider if any health related conditions persist.


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